Art on the Danforth: Free School

May 20, 2012 - June 10, 2012
Free School, Danforth Campus (Temporary) was dedicated to providing the citizens of Toronto and Surrounding areas (the World) with a congruent, unified, comprehensive, and engaging atmosphere where students from anywhere (the World) could freely learn skills that may or probably did not help them develop as humans. No charge. (Featuring guest professors Emily Hogg, Charlie Murray, Xan Hawes, Ben Guber, Bill Williams, Dave Hanes, Anna Kovler, Jemma Egan, Anthony Cooper, Ryan Clayton, James Gardner, Stephen McLeod, Miles Stemp and Laura Simon.)

As part of the Art on the Danforth festival, we were given the Cosmic Janitor storefront to act as hub for three of our projects: The Object ShowGraffiti Removal Removals and  Free School.